Subject choice facilitation


Subject choice facilitation is conducted in collaboration with Nigel Taylor, Educational Psychologist.

Making appropriate subject choices for grade 10 can often be highly intimidating and overwhelming for grade 9 learners.

An assessment process that is geared towards assisting learners with the above process can be highly beneficial by providing clarity about:

  • Aspects of their personality such as how they relate to people, process information, make decisions and organize their lives.
  • Their levels of interest or disinterest in activities.
  • Their competence levels in activities.
  • Their interest levels in subjects they are presently taking.
  • Their interest levels in various occupations.
  • Teacher recommendations about suitable candidates for their subjects.
  • Appropriate career choices and tertiary study paths.

Individual feedback sessions involving the students and parent(s) are essential. A lot of discussion occurs during these times to provide further clarity about the results of the assessment and what they are saying about grade 10 subject choices and future career possibilities.

The final process involves a report that details the findings of the assessment and the recommendations for subject choice and possible career paths.